Our journey began in 1431 A.H. with the founder, Dr.Abdulrazaq, who founded Dr. Abdulrazak Alfahal Advocates and Legal Consultants Firm. The Firm aspires to provide distinguished services that promote justice, uphold rights, and earn compensation through an honorable profession. The Firm applies its expertise gained through work in higher education, criminal investigations, and public prosecution, which has qualified us to handle criminal and administrative issues exceptionally. 

As a result, the Firm has added more expertise to its practice areas of Law, establishing a qualified team of ambitious professionals with advanced academic degrees.

Our Mission

“And say, do deeds, Allah will see your deeds, and [so will] His Messenger and the believers.” Our firm strives to provide quality legal services and to be a trusted advisor for our clients. We operate within the framework of the licenses, regulatory guidelines, and ethical standards of the legal profession.

We are committed to serving justice, supporting the oppressed, and protecting rights. Following the guidance of the Prophet Muhammad, Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, “If anyone fulfills his brother’s needs, Allah will fulfill his needs.”