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Dr. Abdulrazak Alfahal Law Firm is a trusted source for comprehensive legal services. Our firm offers expert legal advisory, attorney, and commercial legal services tailored to businesses. As one of the top legal consulting firms in Saudi Arabia, we provide corporate legal services and legal aid lawyers to support your needs. Our team of legal advisors and consultants delivers personalized legal consulting and advice services, ensuring your legal matters are handled with care and expertise. Trust us for all your legal needs.

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Mediation and Negotiation


We are committed to achieving excellence by organizing our work into specialized departments, which contributes to meeting the needs of our clients efficiently.

Arbitration Department

When you judge between people, judge with fairness.” Our firm has academic and practical experience in Ad hoc and institutional Arbitration. This department specializes in resolving disputes according to established procedures. We strive to provide Arbitration services with transparency and fairness.

Contracts and Agreements Department

“O you who have believed, fulfill your contracts.” The Firm’s Contracts and Agreements Department comprises a specialist team for drafting and reviewing contracts and agreements, using a precise approach. The process begins with a comprehensive analysis of our client’s needs and legal requirements and then concludes by preparing contracts or agreements that serve their interests and protect their rights. Additionally, our team reviews existing contracts and agreements, analyzes them, and provides appropriate recommendations and advice.

Corporate Department

Our corporate department offers diverse services, including corporate formation, drafting the articles of incorporation, and allocating partners’ shares. Additionally, we provide representation for corporations, prepare executive decisions, and offer consultations regarding corporate governance and structure. We also assist in establishing internal policies for dispute resolution, conducting due diligence procedures, handling mergers and acquisitions, and facilitating trademark registrations. Moreover, we have a specialized unit for foreign investment that caters to all requirements and necessary licenses for investors.

Mediation and Negotiation Department

And making peace is better.” Mediation and Negotiation can sometimes be the optimal choice for resolving conflicts, as they allow parties to reach favorable agreements. This helps preserve relationships while saving effort, time, and costs associated with litigation. Our firm has a specialized team that guides and assists disputing parties in reaching settlements and facilitates communication and negotiation between them. Additionally, we can represent clients in any Negotiation process.

Labor Affairs Department

The Labor Affairs Department is responsible for all matters related to the employer-employee relationship. This includes warnings, notices, and reports, as well as organizing this relationship according to the labor laws and guidelines issued by the Ministry. We focus on providing comprehensive legal advisory services related to this relationship.

Litigation Department​

We understand that the right to litigation and the principles of confrontation and defense are among the fundamental pillars of justice. Therefore, our litigation team possesses the expertise to handle litigation tasks at all stages and before all courts. Additionally, we provide comprehensive legal support for the investigation and evidence-gathering phases.

Practice Areas

Explore the diverse legal practice areas at Dr. Abdulrazak Alfahal Law Firm. Our seasoned team covers a spectrum of legal services, from corporate and business law to personal injury and family law. With our expertise, your legal needs are in capable hands.

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Zakat and Taxes
Settling of Estates and Companies’ Liquidation
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Construction and Real Estate
Intellectual Property
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